When Worship Is Partnership

When Worship Is Partnership

Partnership WorshipIt’s obvious from a previous  blog post that stewardship, a demonstration of gratitude to God for allowing us to make our way in this life with financial resource, is a featured part of worship.

The unlearned or the uninitiated often think that providing a financial sum to the church has nothing to do with worship.

Many who do not have a personal sense of regard for God and His involvement in their life will question the subject of money and worship being brought together in a sentence, let alone the idea of comingling the two in a participatory practice.

But, those who do study the Bible, those that have experienced a personal sense of worship, those who place God first in their lives, have come to the full expression of tithing and worshiping with excitement.

Excitement because it is as clear a demonstration as possible, that they see their lives in partnership with God. A true worshipper finds no hindrance before God.

Certainly we all mess up. We’re not to excuse it, but neither are we to feel less available to God. There is a ready forgiveness that is provided to anyone who simply breathes the apology to Him. After all, as Max Lucado likes to tell it, if God had a refrigerator your picture would be on it. If He carried a billfold, your photo would be in it. He loves you and showers His grace upon you in every good gift or opportunity you receive.

Worship is a partnership.

A partnership that makes daily prayer as normal and customary as greeting family and friends. It’s not one of those ideas that you must go to a special place at a set hour (Sunday worship service), become unnatural in your speech, tone, or subject, and pronounce a rigid and stated address to a known but distant dignitary.

A partnership that includes a consideration of what God might think about a choice decision made in the course of the day. A sense that God attends all that goes on in the person’s life. That the person is never alone, even when no other people are around. It’s that sense that says, I know God is present so my deportment, conduct, attitude, and speech will be self-guarded accordingly.

A partnership that is not so casual as to allow oneself to be the sole judge of any encounter the person has, but rather, a constant sense of God’s view and God’s guidance in matters that come what may.

A partnership that recognizes that even the ability to work, the acumen to excel or even enjoy work, the opportunities for work, and the income from work all are to the credit of the One who provides and sustains life.

When something as simple as coupons courtesy of the wordpress millionaire are simply supplied without request or search, the person who walks with God sees the opportunity for what it is worth and knows that little in life comes by accident, and absolutely no valued gift comes without the Father’s hand.

With this in mind, this sense of partnership, it is a short step into a shared life. A life that truly worships in the course of the day simply with a thought that turns to a quick prayer without formality, but joyously with the sense of intimacy with the God who created us and who delights in our company.

Why not worship Him today, and find Him as available as He has always been and continues to be.