Can Worship Be In The Eye Of The Beholder

Can Worship Be In The Eye Of The Beholder

Here’s a question that often comes our way: Can Worship Be In The Eye Of The Beholder?

It’s always answered with a question…which Beholder?

Unfortunately religion is man’s attempt to reach God. You can see it all over the world. In fact, if you want to travel the world, you can go through any number of travel mlm companies at this one site alone and get all the travel you want. It will prove true.

Someone once said, “There are three things observable in every culture regardless of the language barrier. They are: a smile, a tear, and a prayer.”

Religion is what others look upon when someone else is worshiping. When they begin to put stipulations on worship, when they require this action of humility shown in this particular way at this particular time on this particular day, then it gets to be much more a religion than an act of worship.

If the beholder is anyone other than God, then the act of worship can be in the eye of the public gathered to worship, but whether the act of worship and the actual experience of worship may be the same is another legitimate question to consider.

When the Beholder is God, then worship has occurred. You see, in any form of worship, there are at least four components:

  1. The worshipped
  2. The worshipper
  3. The act of humility
  4. The attitude of adoration, reverence, and awe.

There can be no worship without an audience, but if the audience is not the ONE worshiped, then it’s probably not true worship.

“God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

That’s an admonition from the New Testament and serves well to be our reminder of what is to be the components of worship and the means of worship and the environment of worship.

God is a Spirit….so He is other than the worshiper, unlike the worshiper or anyone equal to the worshiper. That means we worship that which is unlike and unequal to ourselves. If that is represented by an idol or an altar, does the worshiper mechanically set his or her own stage for worship?

Understanding that God is a Spirit means that He can not be contained nor bound to a previously sited location. He does not have to reside where the idol, altar, or house of worship is located. He is Spirit and can be worshiped anytime, anywhere His presence is recognized (not recognizing God’s presence does not make God absent, it just makes us unobservant and unheeding).

We “worship Him” not ourselves, nor anyone equal to us. Since we worship Him it is He and He alone that is the true beholder of our worship. Worship is in the eye of the Beholder if we are speaking of God being the Beholder.

Because we worship only when we worship Him, then we don’t set the environment, He does. It is completely foreign to the teachings of the Bible for us to declare that someone has or hasn’t worshiped. It is equally wrong for any of us to think that we can declare how we will worship. It’s not merely a discussion among worshipers, but rather a discussion before God as to what He desires and calls worship.

God says in the Old Testament that “you worship me with your sacrifices, but what I desire is a sincere heart.” God gets to decide, not us.

We are to worship Him from and within our spirit and we are to worship Him in truth.., a sincerity of honesty that simply put Him above all other considerations when we choose to evaluate our worship of Him.

Anything less is a ridiculous comparison of what man would choose to use as worship. If we are the beholders, then no, worship is not in the eye of the beholder. Worship is not according to our preferences. Worship is to be to and for God, and God alone. We simply are comparing ourselves to ourselves if we think any less. Worship then becomes nothing more than a common gathering for the sake of gathering and not for worship.