Here’s a question that often comes our way: Can Worship Be In The Eye Of The Beholder? It’s always answered with a question…which Beholder? Unfortunately religion is man’s attempt to reach God. You can see it all over the world. In fact, if you want to travel the world, you can go through any number of travel mlm companies at this one site alone and get all the travel you want. It will prove true. Someone once said, “There are three things observable in every culture regardless of the language barrier. They are: a smile, a tear, and a prayer.” Religion is what others lookRead More →

(continued from post 1) GIVE US OUR FOOD FOR TODAY… *He Reigns         Praise Team with Congregation  B (F) AG,HR,AG,BRx2, AG Song 3 Prayer/Offering Mat 5:23-24 Worshiping includes others and you must be rightly related to them. If not, then get back together before you worship. The Pharisees were intent only on the external act in worship. They looked not at all to the internal state of the mind. If a man conformed to the external rites of religion, however much envy, and malice, and secret hatred he might have, they thought he was doing well. Our Savior taught a different doctrine. ItRead More →

The Worship Leader (some would call him/her a song leader, choir director, minister of music, etc.) began the service with this explanation: We are doing things a little bit differently in our worship time today—that is, we are going to worship in a variety of styles, all built around the Model Prayer of Jesus. Worship expression is a personal experience.  Nearly everyone has preferences for certain kinds of worship expression, and our church is no different. Within this body there are those who are comfortable with traditional, blended, and contemporary worship styles. Some of you may be very familiar with all of these expressions, someRead More →

Worship is such a personal, subjective matter that, although we feel we know what it is, we have a hard time really describing it.  So let’s look to see what God’s Word says about worship.  Turn with me to Romans Chapter 12. In verse 1 Paul makes clear several truths about worship: First truth—We worship because of God’s mercy—He deserves our worship because He’s worth it because He earned it. Second truth—We are to offer our bodies. Some translations say “Offer our lives” or “Give our bodies to God”. That means we freely, without hesitation, offer all of ourselves—not just our minds or our spirits—weRead More →

Much has developed in the various worship styles among evangelical Christians over the last 35 years. Some have even given the title of Worship Wars to the discord that has troubled many congregations in the throws of altering their traditional style of worship. Some churches have taken great pains to be inclusive of all expressions of worship, some simply offer a buffet schedule of specific worship experiences available, desiring not to mix and mingle, but rather multiply their worship hours. The entire experience has called many worshippers and not a few churches to completely evaluate why they worship in the manner they have grown accustomedRead More →